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  • Benefits education, communication paramount during the coming year

    Communication will be a critical component of benefits administration in the future, according to Aflac’s Teresa White, who outlines benefit and HR trends for the upcoming year.

  • In case you missed it: Retirement

    A focus on retirement has been key recently, with a push for younger generations to begin investing into 401(k)s, along with recent calls to Congress to empower savings among employees. Employee Benefit News has remained on top of the coverage and has packaged it for you here.

  • Employers should lobby for repeal of COBRA

    Commentary: Health insurance companies, health care professionals, politicians, academics and public health advocates all have opinions about what health care reform in America should look like.

  • Employers face crackdown over worker misclassification

    Since the onset of the recession, there has been a surge in worker misclassification litigation and enforcement against employers that are trying to effectively manage their finances, but are incorrectly classifying their workforces.

  • Do workplace wellness programs adequately address stress?

    Dr. Leena Johns, senior global health care consultant with MetLife Global Employee Benefits, addresses why workplace culture is equally important in combating the effects of stress as reactive wellness programs.

  • Online tool removes need for pharmacy RFPs

    A new self-service tool for employers and brokers aims to make the RFP process for pharmacy benefit plans a little easier.

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