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  • IRAs offer new key to retirement readiness

    Employers looking to amplify their employees’ retirement prospects might look to the growing individual retirement account field, as involvement in employer-sponsored retirement plans remains largely unchanged.

  • IRS issues rules on hardship exemptions from ACA individual mandate

    The IRS has issued a notice, regulations and other guidance related to the ACA, including information on getting a hardship exemption from the individual mandate for health insurance coverage.

  • EAPs critical in promoting mental well-being

    With mental illness and substance abuse costing employers an estimated $100 billion annually in indirect costs alone, benefit decision-makers are seeing value in promoting employee assistance programs as a means to improve their workforce’s mental well-being.

  • Reasons to be thankful this holiday season

    Working in benefits has its share of challenges, but it can also be very rewarding. In advance of the Thanksgiving holiday, we asked industry professionals what they are grateful for, and their happiest successes in 2014.

  • Private exchanges: 'An evolutionary process'

    Towers Watson has spent nearly a billion dollars of its own capital to build out its private exchange offering, OneExchange, through acquisitions. Jim Foreman, Towers Watson’s director of exchange solutions, shares how voluntary continues to grow in a private HIX marketplace and why more and more employers are expressing interest in the offerings.

  • Top employer-offered holidays in 2015

    Holidays come in all sizes, on nearly every calendar day of the year. The Society for Human Resources Management has assembled a list of the top holidays, both religious and federal, that employers expect to be closed for 2015 in order to allow their employees some time to enjoy themselves and their families.

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