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  • Hybrid retirement plans offer pension-styled security

    Many companies have frozen their defined benefit plans to new hires. Others have abandoned their pensions in favor of a 401(k) or other defined contribution plan. But not everyone is happy with DC plans because they often leave participants to fend for themselves when most have never had to make investment decisions.

  • 5 crucial areas for employer health care cost management

    Employers across the country are revisiting their health care cost structures due to the Affordable Care Act. Being able to stave off annual increases in employee health costs, as well as promoting healthy cultures in the workplace, seem to be where HR and benefit plan sponsors at the best performing companies (in terms of managing their health care costs) are focusing their time. Click here to find out their 5 core areas of focus in 2014.

  • HHS releases medical loss ratio data

    The Affordable Care Act's medical loss ratio rule continues to force health insurers to pay refunds to consumers enrolled in individual and employer-sponsored health care coverage.

  • Rocky road ahead for employers, politicians in ACA subsidy rulings

    The White House this week breathed a sigh of relief - and conservatives simply sighed - when hours after a D.C. federal appeals court ruled that the Internal Revenue Service exceeded its authority in providing tax credit subsidies in 34 states, another federal appellate court ruled the opposite.

  • Using behavioral economics to understand disability insurance purchasing decisions

    Employees need disability insurance and most employers are offering a group solution. But what can be done to enhance employees’ adoption of their available coverage?

  • Top companies offering the best 401(k) plans

    A first-of-its-kind ranking of 401(k) plans at the 250 biggest companies in the U.S. unveils which companies offer the most lucrative retirement benefits and those with the least lavish. Among the least generous are Facebook,, and Whole Foods. Here are the 35 companies with the most advantageous retirement offerings.

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