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  • Benny Award nominations now open

    Everyone appreciates a little recognition for their professionalism, their dedication to their work and to their employees ... and the world of benefits decision-makers is no different. It’s once again time to take a moment and see if this is the year you – or one of your colleagues – might be the right pick for our annual Benny Awards.

  • Identity theft protection hacks into voluntary benefits on private exchange

    Identity theft and data security is a concern of every shopper whether they shop online or at brick-and-mortar stores. But as the more profound breaches at Macy’s and Target have gained hold on consumer minds, voluntary benefit offerings have surfaced on private insurance exchanges to help combat this growing digital dilemma.

  • Experts caution due diligence in private exchange selection to avoid conflicts of interest

    As employers begin to look at private exchanges as a means to provide health care benefits to their active employee population questions are being raised about potential conflicts of interest for consulting firms that also act as exchange purveyors.

  • 6 investment menu best practices for 401(k) and 403(b) plans

    How does your investment fund line-up compare to the market? Do you have too many investment options or too few? Regular blogger Robert C. Lawton outlines some best practices with regard to investment menus.

  • Why sleep is crucial to any wellness plan

    It’s no surprise Americans are tired. That’s why benefit advisers working with employers to build a wellness program should not ignore sleep solutions.

  • Regular ACA enrollment closes for 2014 health plans

    Tuesday was the last day of a two-week health law extension for hundreds of thousands of people who couldn’t finish their enrollment by March 31, the official deadline to sign up for a federally subsidized insurance plan in 2014.

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