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  • Benefits education yields recruitment and retention benefits

    By getting employees more directly engaged in their own financial well-being – educating them on their benefits, helping them make the right retirement planning decisions and learning how to tackle financial stress by addressing their own debt and their worries over health care costs – employers are seeing lower turnover and increased productivity.

  • Corporate pension volatility offsets CEO compensation

    With a booming 2013 stock market, all indications point to an increase in corporate growth. But the unpredictable nature of corporate pension assets in 2013 proved to drag down the total CEO compensation pool for the nation’s largest corporations.

  • Provocative prediction eschews role of wellness

    When the public exchanges were first envisioned, some industry analysts thought most employers eventually would head for the exits on financing health benefits and simply steer their employees into the nascent online marketplace. That hasn’t happened, of course, and it’s far too early in the HIX rollout to expect any meaningful change to occur.

  • How one SHOP exchange is thriving

    While no public exchange was without troubles during the first ACA open-enrollment period, one state in particular put unique efforts into its SHOP exchange for small employers and saw results.

  • CMS begins renewal process on contract

    The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is in the early stages of looking at new vendors to potentially take over operation of, when Accenture’s contract expires in January 2015.

  • Are your new-grad hires prepared?

    Graduation season is upon us, and this year’s graduates are certainly hoping to find improved job prospects. A new study from CareerBuilder and finds that 57% of employers say they plan to hire new college graduates, up from 53% last year and up significantly from 44% in 2010.

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