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  • Employer, financial adviser partnerships key to growing life insurance market

    New data reveals only 46% of middle-market consumers have individual life insurance, and that more than three quarters of consumers age 25-64 say they would benefit from more close guidance from financial services professionals in adding that important voluntary benefit.

  • Is technology a voluntary benefit friend or foe?

    Commentary: Most benefit administration tools have proven to be unsuccessful for the effective deployment of voluntary benefits, says EBA Advisory Board member Tinker Kelly. To overcome a system that is “inconsistent at best,” Kelly suggests a new approach.

  • ERISA reflects bipartisan approach to employee benefits

    On the 40th anniversary of ERISA, benefits attorney Howard Shapiro contemplates the differences between this landmark piece of legislation and another, the Affordable Care Act.

  • 11 ERISA milestones

    Happy birthday ERISA! The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 turns 40 on September 2. Here’s a look at 11 important milestones, modifications and case law in the legislation’s 40-year history.

  • IRS releases draft instructions for ACA reporting forms

    The IRS has posted draft instructions for the various Affordable Care Act reporting that will be done for calendar year 2015 and while the instructions provide much needed guidance for employers and insurers, they also confirm the daunting complexity of the reporting task.

  • Forensic underwriting: A CSI approach to lowering benefit costs

    Insurance underwriting is hardly dramatic enough to warrant a TV show, but there is a forensic component to the annual renewal process.

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