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  • Employers create game plan for expected health care cost increases

    In anticipation of the Affordable Care Act’s excise tax, U.S. employers are planning to take more aggressive approaches to projected single-digit increases in health care costs by revisiting the viability of consumer-driven health plans and spousal and dependent coverage.

  • DOL updates missing-participant guidance

    Last week, the Department of Labor updated its prior guidance on locating missing participants. As before, the guidance technically only applies in the context of terminating defined contribution plans, though it can be instructive for retirement plan fiduciaries trying to locate missing or unresponsive participants.

  • 6 bad habits holding you back from success

    Do you feel stuck in a rut? Expected to be shooting up the HR/benefit career ladder at this stage in the game? We all have bad habits, but bringing your baggage to the office can be the difference between soaring or stalling in your career.

  • Small business marketplaces leave room for improvement

    Benefit advisers and employers say a host of challenges is not only to blame for stagnant SHOP enrollment, but must be overcome if SHOP is to enjoy any success.

  • The trouble with granting employees health plan exceptions

    Although you may consider granting employee requests for exceptions to health plan rules or limits, doing so could cause trouble down the road. Here's why a plan amendment may be a better choice.

  • New report calls for updating employer e-cigarette policies

    While use of electronic cigarettes is growing in popularity, employers are starting to take a look at adopting policies on use of the device at work, and how to protect workers from coming into contact with second-hand vapors.

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