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  • Revamped immigration system could help employers in war for talent

    President Barack Obama outlined steps Nov. 20 that would revamp the nation’s “broken immigration system” by allowing undocumented immigrants to play by the rules and gain work authorization – potentially changing the rules for benefit managers.

  • Back to the future … of benefits technology

    This week, EBN dove into the current trends and future of what benefit managers need to do their jobs. Many are budgeting a boost in spending to get the latest and greatest tools to increase engagement and streamline functionality. Here you can find a detailed recap, highlighting key findings from our tech week coverage.

  • Employer mandate focus of House Republicans' lawsuit

    U.S. House Republicans made good on a vote to sue the Obama administration over implementation of the 2010 health-care law with a lawsuit naming the Department of Health and Human Services and the Treasury as defendants in what they claim to be a case of constitutional overreach.

  • Considering new benefits technology to boost the employee experience

    Applying the appropriate technology to boost benefits engagement may also require managers considering that technology in light of consumerism, compliance, cost and culture.

  • Post-Windsor: Does your plan need a year-end amendment?

    Depending on plan design, some employers may need to adopt year-end amendments to comply with recent federal changes that recognize same-sex marriages as a legal union for benefit purposes.

  • The IRS weighs in on the ACA and ‘skinny’ plans

    The IRS plans to close a major loophole in the ACA by banning employers who offer ‘skinny’ medical plans without hospitalization coverage from qualifying as minimum value plans under the health reform law.

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