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  • IRS issues draft ACA reporting forms

    The Internal Revenue Service recently released draft versions of the forms that will be used to meet the shared responsibility reporting requirements under the Affordable Care Act. They are designed to notify the government about whether individuals and employers are meeting their obligations concerning health coverage.

  • The surprising consequences of health plan data breaches

    It appears that slackers, not hackers, are mostly responsible for the invasion of health care records - and the overly curious (or bored) employees who are the culprits can cost employers millions in HIPPA fines.

  • Top benefit manager of the year named

    The results of the 2014 Benny Awards see Fender Musical Instruments' Heather Vertrees named as our Benefits Professional of the Year, along with three other major winners.

  • How IRAs can help employees prepare for retirement

    As employers try to figure out how best to prepare their workforces for retirement, experts in the benefits and investment industries recommend that an individual retirement account - either the traditional or Roth version - can be a good complement or standalone option for an employee's retirement path.

  • Debunking the myths of health assessments with worksite wellness

    Today's best health assessments leverage sophisticated computer algorithms to identify individual health risk and measure motivation to change unhealthy behaviors, but not all health assessments are created equal. HealthFitness has identified several myths of health assessments and identified the best practices for worksite wellness.

  • IT, data challenges continue for Oregon, Connecticut

    Technical glitches and data-management challenges have dominated HIX headlines at both the state and federal level, with the latest news showing how even the most widely regarded and most vilified state-run operations now share this common thread.

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