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  • Researchers voice concerns over app gamification rewards

    In what could serve as a caution to employers using health and fitness apps to engage workers in their wellness programs, researchers at Brigham Young University are warning over the trend of developers basing their platforms' rewards on gamification.

  • Millennials under insured compared to other age groups

    Survey finds that across all lines of insurance, 18 to 29 year olds are less likely to own coverage than other age groups.

  • Employers partner with academic institutions to create specialized programs

    Employers from Starbucks to ConAgra have begun partnering directly with academic institutions to create specialized programs for their employees. It's a new spin on an older system, as benefit managers are trying to evaluate the long-term benefits of helping to pay for their workers' education.

  • Ignore online marketing at your own risk

    Commentary: The marketing efforts of independent benefit providers are "woefully behind" says consultant Wendy Keneipp, who shares tips on how to keep up with the changing business practices.

  • 25 oddball interview questions for 2014

    Interviewing for a job is not what it used to be. These days, employers, including benefit agencies, are often looking for applicants with creative-thinking skills and those that stand apart from the crowd. Here are 25 of the most oddball interview questions posed to recent interviewees, according to career-site

  • Employers make the business case for benefits through RFPs

    With increased CFO involvement in health care and benefit decision-making, benefit managers are under more scrutiny than ever before to ensure they efficiently manage their health and benefits vendor relationships.

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