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  • Experts caution due diligence in private exchange selection to avoid conflicts of interest

    As employers begin to look at private exchanges as a means to provide health care benefits to their active employee population questions are being raised about potential conflicts of interest for consulting firms that also act as exchange purveyors.

  • 6 investment menu best practices for 401(k) and 403(b) plans

    Commentary: How does your investment fund line-up compare to the market? Do you have too many investment options or too few? Regular blogger Robert C. Lawton outlines some best practices with regard to investment menus.

  • Employers thirsty for voluntary dental info

    Advisers say employers are increasingly purchasing voluntary dental plans as an effort to cut costs, meet new ACA requirements and retain employees.

  • Retiree health coverage at crossroads for employers

    Retiree health coverage options have been a declining benefit for many larger employers. But today, as only one in five employees work at organizations that offer these benefits, research from the Kaiser Family Foundation finds that the pre-65 population has new options, thanks to the Affordable Care Act

  • Getting beyond wellness mythology

    Many wellness models are based on mythology. Myths like all plans should have disease management, or everyone needs to work on heart disease prevention. How to get past the noise and on to effective interventions? Look closely at your own group – its people, its illnesses, and its work environment.

  • Does RAND’s coverage-uptick research add up?

    The number of American adults with health insurance coverage from September 2013 to mid-March 2014 increased by 9.3 million – shaving the uninsured rolls to 15.8% from 20.5%, according to a new RAND survey. At least one skeptic, however, says the numbers are skewed and defy conventional wisdom.

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