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  • Consumers willing to share wearable data in exchange for break on insurance premiums

    Employers that are considering incorporating wearable fitness devices into their wellness programs are facing important decisions about the cost of those devices, and must also be prepared to allay employees’ concerns about data security.

  • Increasing enrollment participation hinges on education

    Well-informed employees make smarter choices and providing the tools needed during open enrollment is essential.

  • Seven practical tips for a less stressful, more successful open enrollment

    For many people, October signals the end of summer, the heart of football season and the return of favorite TV shows. But HR and benefits professionals have one event on their minds: open enrollment. Here, bswift’s Allison Malito and Jill Steinberg offers seven tactical tips based on their experience with real clients, to help make your open-enrollment process a smoother, more successful one.

  • EAPs take on expanded role with ACA

    With mental health and substance abuse disorder services deemed an essential health benefit under the Affordable Care Act, employee assistance program providers are taking on a new role – helping employers and health plans sniff out fraudulent health care activity among substance abuse and mental health treatment facilities.

  • Utilization of specialty drugs higher on exchanges

    While pharmacy benefits utilization was roughly the same during the first half of 2014 for individuals enrolled in public health insurance exchanges and traditional insurance market plans, a new analysis shows the utilization of specialty drugs is much higher in the HIX marketplace.

  • The potential of digital therapeutics in diabetes prevention

    Sean Duffy, CEO of Omada Health, explains how online behavior change programs, also known as digital therapeutics, can help employers prevent obesity-related chronic conditions such as type 2 diabetes.

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