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  • Employees' interest in financial planning grows

    A new study shows that people in the workplace have a greater sense of urgency around improving their finances, with 23% reporting high or overwhelming financial stress in 2013 compared to 18% in 2012.

  • Is private exchange litigation only a matter of time?

    While just over half of employers in a recent survey said it was very important for a private exchange to accept ERISA fiduciary responsibilities for the plans purchased on the exchange, the reality is employers cannot offload their fiduciary responsibility by moving to a private exchange, say legal experts.

  • Executive talent faces rigor of board oversight

    As companies continue to develop innovative compensation programs for top executives, benefit decision-makers are seeking to fine-tune succession planning and workforce analytics.

  • 5 fee-related best practices for 401(k) and 403(b) plans

    Are your retirement plan fees market-competitive? Fees don't necessarily have to be the lowest cost, but they do need to be reasonable.

  • Court rejects EEOC’s challenge to credit history checks

    In a harsh rebuke of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s method of attempting to prove that Kaplan Higher Education Corp.’s consideration of credit history for hiring in select positions was discriminatory, the Sixth Circuit issued a decision upholding the federal district court’s order excluding the EEOC’s expert opinion from evidence and dismissing the EEOC’s case.

  • Be wary of this ACA landmine

    As regulations continue to shift, be aware of compliance with the ACA's pediatric dental rules, particularly if you're an employer operating in multiple states.

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