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  • Health care employers need cure-all for retirement epidemic

    Like other industries, health care employers and benefit plan managers in the health care sector are struggling mightily with their ability to address the retirement preparedness of their evolving workforces.

  • House to sue Obama over ACA’s employer mandate delay

    The U.S. House of Representatives will sue President Barack Obama’s administration over delaying the implementation of an employer health insurance mandate in the Affordable Care Act.

  • 3 tips for using workforce science to attract and retain talent

    Workforce science uses data gleaned from a number of sources – pre-employment personality assessments, employer data and publicly available macroeconomic data from government agencies – to help determine which applicants are more likely to stay on the job, which in turn lowers attrition and recruiting costs.

  • Same-sex families emerge as most financially prepared

    When it comes to retirement savings, no family structure is apparently better prepared than same-sex couples without kids, who reported having $276,200 tucked away - the very model of successful workplace savers.

  • Corporations get religion - and maybe lose contraception coverage

    For the first time, the Supreme Court has ruled that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act covers corporations. But, employers will still have to review the possible application of any state laws that might require contraception coverage despite the holding in Hobby Lobby.

  • CDHP confusion exposes need for guidance, educational tools

    An increase in the offering of consumer-driven health care products has not translated into increased understanding on the part of consumers - exposing a need for more assistance from benefit professionals and educational tools.

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