Contributing EditorsContributing Editors

Kate Bongiovanni

Kate Bongiovanni is an associate in the tax section of Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP. She practices in employee benefits law, with a specific concentration in health and welfare matters, including compliance with health care reform legislation. She can be reached at

Ed Bray

Ed Bray, J.D., is director of employee benefits for a major transportation company in Hawaii. He is responsible for leading the company's health & welfare, retirement, leave of absence, and wellness programs. He can be reached at

Laurie S. Miller

Laurie Miller is Area Senior Vice President for Gallagher Benefit Services – Rockford Illinois. She holds an MBA from Northern Illinois University and a BA from Eastern Illinois University. She can be reached at

Frank Palmieri

Frank Palmieri is an employee benefits attorney with Palmieri & Eisenberg in Princeton, N.J., and a fellow of the American College of Employee Benefits Counsel. Contact him at

Shana Sweeney

Contributing Editor Shana Sweeney is a self-proclaimed geek and political junkie with degrees in politics and human resources. She is an SPHR with more than a decade of experience working in various industries, including high-tech, utilities, manufacturing and health insurance. She can be reached at


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