5 apps to boost -- not drain -- your productivity

MindMeister MindMeister

Forget old-school brainstorming sessions and long, unproductive meetings. MindMeister uses “mind-mapping” technology that allows your team to submit and combines ideas online from anywhere, anytime, on any device. Plan a session with your team, swap notes across devices and watch your ideas grow.

CanGrade CanGrade

Simplify the traditional hiring process with an app that helps you screen the applicants and select the right candidate. CanGrade creates customized reports and evaluations, and even grades your applicants, making hiring choices that much easier.

ShiftPlanning ShiftPlanning

For HR/benefits users with a large hourly workforce, this app allows you can create, edit and manage timesheets, payroll and schedules online. You can even send notifications for missed shifts or last minute changes while eliminating scheduling conflicts easily and quickly.

SandGlaz SandGlaz

Your task list might look empty right now, but it will quickly fill up again! You need an app that’s designed to track all of your tasks and manage your to-do list, while giving you a priority-based system for getting things done. SandGlaz offers all that and more, with a unique grid system that lets you view your tasks and keep them organized by project and priority.

Cake HR Cake HR

CakeHR is designed to manage employee PTO — vacation time, sick days and more.

Stats show that mobile users spend 101 billion minutes a month using apps--why not use that time to be your most productive self? Say goodbye to countless lost hours playing Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja; say hello to these five apps that can help streamline your work processes, leaving extra time to pump up your daily output. (Compiled by Jennifer Hutchison, online marketing specialist for InfoStreet.) [Images: Thinkstock]

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