Top PTO users and losers

Doctors vs. Nurses Doctors vs. Nurses

Doctors as a group generally use up all their PTO days; nurses (taking up the slack, perhaps?) tend to forego time off.

Administrative Assistants, Managers and Executives  Administrative Assistants, Managers and Executives

Office leaders are more likely to take all the time off they’ve been given, and their assistants seem to follow their example.

Investment Bankers Investment Bankers

This field boasts many famous (and infamous, i.e., Gordon Gecko) workaholics, explaining why Investment Bankers are among top positions that neglect PTO.

IT Specialist IT Specialist

Information Technology Specialists are in the top echelon of PTO users.

Domestic employees (Housekeepers/Nannies) Domestic employees (Housekeepers/Nannies)

A parent’s job is never done, and apparently neither is the nanny’s. Domestic employees are less likely to use all the PTO they are offered.

Customer Service/Sales Representatives Customer Service/Sales Representatives

On the other end of the spectrum, these position types are more likely to use up all PTO.

Lawyers Lawyers

Lawyers as a group tend to neglect PTO.

Other top users and neglectors Other top users and neglectors

Other positions that use up all PTO include Server /Barista, Realtor, Cosmetologists, Accountants.

Additional top job titles that forego PTO are Account Managers, Teachers/Professors, Public Relations/Marketing Representatives, Pilots/Flight Attendants, Firefighters/Police Officers, and Personal Trainers.

Some 17% of Americans waste their paid time off, according to a survey by American Express. However, your boss and hairdresser? Not among them. Those are just two on a list of positions that are less likely to leave unused vacation days at the end of the year. On the flip side, employees in other job spheres — such as personal trainers and PR representatives — are chronic PTO neglectors. Check out positions on each list, and see which — perhaps some at your own company — could use a nudge toward better work-life balance. [Images: Thinkstock]

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