Health coverage rates all over the map
The Affordable Care Act has a lot of work to do to get Americans more employer-based health coverage, particularly those working for small companies.
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Department of Labor audits of employee benefit plans are on the rise and experts agree benefit advisers should be preparing their employer clients now for that impending knock on the door. more »
The Senate has begun debate on a controversial effort to redefine a full-time employee under the Affordable Care Act from one who works 30 hours per week to one who works 40 hours per week — a move that could release many employers from having to offer health care coverage to their employees. more »
The tool, designed to help covered employees find doctors, understand health care finance, and meet health goals. is being piloted JPMorgan Chase and will expand to a select number of U.S. employers in 2015. more »
Understanding where employees have gaps in their retirement literacy can help employers craft better education programs. more »
A new guide is available to help employers ensure their health plan vendors stay compliant with the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act, and includes updated information on the ACA. more »
North American employers may take some – but not much – comfort in the knowledge that medical trend rates are a lot worse in other parts of the world. more »
Growth of high-deductible health plans continues to outpace other medical plan types – even in the face of lower employer contributions to health savings accounts. more »
Mid-sized and larger organizations are still struggling with at least three key ACA compliance requirements: exchange notice management, annual health care reporting and penalty management. more »
Advisers share why they entered the private exchange business and key players detail how to help employer clients chose the right exchange. more »
Few plan sponsors have bought into the idea of annually automatically re-enrolling participants in a qualified default investment alternative, such as a target-date fund, as a means of assuring that their assets are allocated in a manner experts would consider appropriate for retirement investing. more »
The advent of private and public health care exchanges has expanded employers’ horizons to consider subsidizing pre-Medicare eligible retiree health benefits through the individual market. more »
President Obama late Monday signed into law NARAB II, the highly-anticipated legislation re-establishing the National Association of Registered Agents and Brokers, creating a clearinghouse that would ease the ability of brokers to sell insurance in states across the U.S. more »
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