Employers share private exchange successes
Private exchanges present an opportunity to engage employees in their health plans year-round, not just during open enrollment.
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A Supreme Court decision in favor of the petitioner in King v. Burwell could trigger the end of the employer mandate, legal experts say, but it’s far from certain how the court will decide. more »
The Supreme Court today will hear arguments in King v. Burwell, the highly anticipated case challenging the legality of subsidies available for individuals purchasing health insurance on the federal exchange under the Affordable Care Act. more »
Increasingly diverse workforces are creating a benefit communications challenge for employers and their advisers. more »
Is it legal for employers to drop health care coverage and pay for employees to go to the exchanges? One industry expert says yes — if you use this payroll option. more »
AXA S.A. is entering the U.S. employee benefits market, citing its assessment that employers with between 20 and 200 employees are under-served. more »
Employers collectively pay for more than one-third of all deliveries in the U.S., through employer-sponsored health insurance plans. According to new data, there are many opportunities for improvements that would save lives and money. more »
Consumer products giant Kimberly-Clark is the latest defined benefit pension sponsor to transition significant pension liabilities to the insurance industry. more »
Technology has clearly revolutionized health care – from mobile apps that help employees stay fit and eat right to telemedicine that brings operational efficiency to treatment. But perhaps most compelling is the way it is helping elevate the open-enrollment experience in keeping with the intended consumer-friendly spirit of the Affordable Care Act. more »
The Treasury Department says it will delay enforcement of an ACA prohibition relating to standalone health reimbursement arrangements until July 1. more »
The definition of wellness seems to be broadening, with benefits such as vacation days, community volunteering and workplace celebrations taking the stage as top wellness initiatives, more »
CMS has extended the Feb. 15 ACA open enrollment deadline after technical glitches prevented some individuals from signing up for health care coverage over the weekend. more »
Two Republican-led states are to some extent placing pragmatism over politics when it comes to the HIX marketplace, though their respective solutions veer off in different directions. more »
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