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Managing an Absent Workforce: A Guide to the Family Medical Leave Act

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“Managing an Absent Workforce: A Guide to the Family Medical Leave Act,” serves as an excellent tool to help you take a pulse on your company’s existing absence management program. It pinpoints some of the tactical items where employers could tighten their reigns including counting time, use of paid time, recertification processes, fit for duty and specific areas of interests for employers. This guide also seeks to remind Human Resource professionals that processes related to FMLA need to be continually reviewed as other plans evolve to make sure they are still appropriate and compliant.

Five Things You Need To Know about ACA Reporting to the IRS

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The details for Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting to the IRS are complicated – are you prepared for all of the regulations and the paperwork? The five key things you need to know are covered in this white paper. 

2014 bSwift Benefits Study

The Journey Continues – from employer paternalism to employee ownership

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The 2014 bswift Benefits Study covers the journey employers are making, shifting away from centralized control over health insurance and other benefits to employee ownership. It reveals a number of trends across three benefits topics in varying states of maturity: defined contribution (in its infancy); wellness programs and incentives (moving into adolescence); and employee self-service and automation (at the most mature end of the spectrum).

Fifth Annual Optum® Wellness in the Workplace Study

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Take an in-depth look at wellness program penetration, administration, incentives, current trends and success metrics, based on an annual tracking study of 500 human resources professionals from across the country.

Five Ways to Activate Consumers Through Proactive, Year-round Engagement

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View this Whitepaper - As consumers absorb higher percentages of their healthcare costs, they need more help navigating the system and making the best choices – far beyond open enrollment. This paper highlights five areas where you can engage consumers at every stage to improve their bottom line and yours.

Creating healthcare consumers: Five best practices for driving employee engagement

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Rising costs, the proliferation of high-deductible health plans and the burden of chronic disease are growing concerns for employers today.

To overcome these challenges, employers are investing in solutions to help employees make wiser healthcare decisions that optimize company spend.

This white paper reveals data-driven insights to help you create a strategic communications plan that includes:

  • Creative, cost-effective incentives promoted through repeated communications
  • A robust, multi-media digital promotion strategy paired with on-the-ground advocates at all levels
  • Internal leadership participation to encourage adoption


How Voluntary Benefits Give You the Advantage in Today's Health Care Reform World

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Voluntary products are changing the employee benefits game due to health care reform. Explore how voluntary products help employers meet HR objectives while providing more choices for employees. Review new research on what employees are say about voluntary products and their desire to purchase them.

Think Your Claims Administrator Is Catching Fraud? Think Again. Four Best Practices to Combat Fraud, Waste and Abuse.

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View this Whitepaper - Everyone pays when there are errors, and you might be surprised to learn that your claims administrator may not be catching most of yours – typically by no fault of their own. Not only will the best practices outlined in this brief help you keep a closer eye on unwarranted activity, but they will also assist you with reining in costs, which could save you thousands, if not millions, of dollars.

Participant retirement readiness, demystified

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The lifecycle of a retirement plan participant can span more than 50 years from early career throughout retirement. By using the examples in this paper to help convince younger participants to take the basic steps of saving and selecting age/risk appropriate investment allocations over the very long term, you can help younger generations improve their chances of reaching their desired income level in retirement.

Promoting Healthy Behaviors: A Five-year Study on the Impact of Incentives

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In a study conducted over five years, ActiveHealth Management examined 1.9 million members across 25 large employers to identify the impact of incentives on wellness programs. Discover what approach worked best and gain valuable insight on creating effective incentives for employee health.

Legal Plan Value Seen Across Corporate America

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The value of a group legal plan offered on an employee-pay-all voluntary basis has risen to new heights at JetBlue Airways since its 2005 introduction. Author Bruce Shtuan explores the benefits of investing in a group legal plan.

Ten Ways to Improve Returns on Wellness Program Investments

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Successful organizations recognize that providing wellness efforts can improve employee health while reducing costs. Get access to the latest industry best practices, new technologies and advanced analytics to help you dramatically improve ROI. Find out how to create an integrated, personalized approach that ensures your wellness efforts drive measurable results.

ALEX Asks: What Employees Think About Your Benefits Communication

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Discover what 400 benefits-eligible employees of companies with more than 2,000 employees have to say about the ways their employers talk to them about topics like employee benefits, health care reform, and wellness programs.

Employee Engagement: Putting Employees in the Driver’s Seat

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The first night you were out on your own and behind the wheel as a teenager was nerve-wracking for your parents, but guess what … you came home safely and the car was still in mint condition. Employers have become paternalistic in their efforts to control population health. But these days, people are taking control of their own healthy behaviors. And they’re doing it for themselves, not for their boss or HR director. Employers need to learn to “hand over the keys” of wellness to their employees for maximum results, understanding that individuals are ready to handle their own health decisions.

HR/Employee Benefits Professionals Are Happy and They Know It

Survey tunes in to a highly satisfied workforce that is focused on furthering their education and improving worker well-being.

Benefit Advisers: Keys to Surviving Under Health Care Reform

A study by SourceMedia Research and Employee Benefits Adviser, in partnership with Unum/Colonial Life, highlights the cause and effect that health care reform under The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (PPACA) will have on the benefits advisory industry.


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