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  • DC benefit model generates much talk, little action

    April 17, 2014

    The Affordable Care Act’s ongoing rollout continues to plague employers as many look for alternative benefit structures to help with rising costs. The defined contribution benefit model – touted as a way to lower costs for employers and increase choice for employees – is generating lots of discussion but are employers ready to take the plunge?

  • Experts caution due diligence in private exchange selection to avoid conflicts of interest

    April 15, 2014

    As employers begin to look at private exchanges as a means to provide health care benefits to their active employee population questions are being raised about potential conflicts of interest for consulting firms that also act as exchange purveyors.

  • Health costs pushing U.S. economy ‘off the cliff’: NBCH CEO

    April 14, 2014

    Brian Klepper joined the National Business Coalition on Health last month as the organization’s new CEO. He chats with EBN about his goals, his concerns about private health care exchanges and why the cost of health care is a threat to the competitiveness of U.S. businesses.

  • A private exchange for ‘every agent?’

    April 14, 2014

    As more large brokerages seem to be opening their own platforms, one company wants to provide a means for the smaller independent agent to have a branded, customized private exchange, too.

  • Does RAND’s coverage-uptick research add up?

    April 14, 2014

    The number of American adults with health insurance coverage from September 2013 to mid-March 2014 increased by 9.3 million – shaving the uninsured rolls to 15.8% from 20.5%, according to a new RAND survey. At least one skeptic, however, says the numbers are skewed and defy conventional wisdom.

  • ACA marches on, despite Sebelius resignation

    April 11, 2014

    The change in leadership at the Department of Health and Human Services will have little effect on employers and the continued rollout of the Affordable Care Act, say benefit industry experts. Some expressed surprise at Kathleen Sebelius's resignation while others did not.

  • Off-exchange options flew under enrollment radar

    April 10, 2014

    While all eyes had been on HIX enrollment numbers during the ACA’s first open-enrollment period, millions of Americans also chose health insurance options off the exchange. What does this mean for adverse selection and future premium pricing?

  • Uninsured rate drops to lowest level since 2008

    April 7, 2014

    The number of uninsured Americans has dropped to its lowest level recorded since 2008, a new Gallup poll finds, attributing the decrease to ACA successes.

  • More employers embracing ACA provisions in health plan designs

    April 4, 2014

    While it’s not surprising that in 2013 the trend of employers shifting rising health care costs to employees continued to grow, it also appears employers have begun to design health care plans with looming Affordable Care Act provisions in mind.

  • NLRB classification of athletes as employees highlights a health care reform land mine

    April 3, 2014

    Employers have always been concerned about the potential for worker reclassification, but health care reform and a recent National Labor Relations Board decision take this issue to an entirely new level.

  • Hispanics favor ACA, need more enrollment information

    March 28, 2014

    Most Hispanics have a favorable view of the Affordable Care Act, but need more information about it to understand the law and how to enroll in the health insurance exchanges, HolaDoctor, a leading health website for Hispanics, says.

  • Private health exchange interest fueled by finance, not HR

    March 21, 2014

    Employers across the country may be expecting to offset higher health care costs through private health exchanges and boosting wellness offerings. However, HR leaders interviewed in a new PricewaterhouseCoopers report say that the push to private exchanges is being fueled by C-suite executives and not benefits professionals.

  • Half of Americans oppose the ACA

    March 21, 2014

    Nearly four years after the enactment of the Affordable Care Act more than half (53%) of Americans disapprove of the law — but most of those opponents now say they want politicians to make the law work, according to a new Pew Research Center study.

  • ADHD medication use climbs, biggest rise among adult women

    March 20, 2014

    The number of Americans using medication to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder rose 36% in five years, totaling more than 4.8 million privately insured individuals in 2012, according to a recent report from pharmacy benefit manager Express Scripts.

  • 2 ERISA requirements most employers fail to meet

    March 19, 2014

    Benefit brokers can better position themselves as a trusted adviser by helping clients maintain compliance with these ERISA requirements.

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